24 thoughts on “Ellen’s Baby Advice for Jason Biggs

  1. Thank you, apparently there are still some people who think about others….but hey, what else could I expect from an Ellen´╗┐ fan? ­čśë

  2. Use the “k” button. That way´╗┐ it’s easier because your page won’t accidentally move down or something.

  3. is it me or does´╗┐ it sound like theres this one guy with the same very loud laugh in the audience every show

  4. is it just me or did anyone else find out that J and L are´╗┐ forward and backward 10sec button!!!!

  5. my god, people! i knew about the keyboard thing a few months ago.´╗┐ so it aint new for me. i just wanna see the comments about this video and suddenly, what is this?? keybard lessons?? guys seriouslyyy…….-_-

  6. Yeah that also made me try´╗┐ other keys which I found out the F is for full screen, the M is for mute and the L fast forwards.