24 thoughts on “TUBE KISSES!!!

  1. i missed some vlogs a few weeks ago because of weddings and stuff and i have 24 vlogs to catch up on 😀

  2. its so cool how shay can work at home and so in the holidays he can just hang out with his family and have a good time 🙂

  3. it’s almost like i’m on vacation with you guys! it’s so relaxing to watch

  4. I have been on bussines trip for 3 months and I’m now catching up! 🙂 This is my my 11th video I’m watching today 😀 Good luck!

  5. just catching up on all the missed vlogs, it is very nice to see that someone had a nice day July 20th 2013, I lost my boyfriend tragically and we have all been dealing with his untimely death you guys have helped me and my daughter stay strong.. we love you guys