25 thoughts on “10 Amazing Parenting Hacks

  1. You clearly don’t have kids and never went to kindergarten. Elmer’s glue peels right off.

  2. America wont know the difference, not to mention how many pennies people throw away. I used to use them as play money as a kid… until i got to old and threw them out.

  3. i would tell my kid that there is monsters just to make him/her a monster spray :)) ahaha

  4. good,when he grows up,he will be a psycopath,and he will cut of your arms and take out your eyes 😉

  5. as long as the serial numbers on the left remain visible on that bill it is still valid. and applying glitter isn’t “intended” to render the bill unfit for circulation so it doesnt make it illegal either. as long as the bill is spendable there is nothing to worry about