25 thoughts on “Gever Tulley: 5 dangerous things you should let your kids do

  1. but uhm.. using the kid as an “airbag” in the car (pic at 8:27) might be so smart IF the car would stop fast… 🙂

  2. I am starting to teach my kids to cook on a gas stove. The older is 9, the younger is 5. It’s a great way to introduce kids to a wide range of complex tasks including understanding fire, understanding heat risks, knife safety, and much much more.  One other thing that occurs to me is that we all cut ourselves with knives by accident sometimes. I cut through the skin a couple years ago with a pocket knife because I was being stupid. But even minor accidents build confidence in what we can do

  3. No wonder there’s so many angry kids about; they don’t get to run amok. Especially young men…

  4. My dad let me steer his truck when I sat on his lap. I ran into a small ditch in about 7 seconds but it was so fun. I learned not to take corners sharply, and I’ve been great at making curves ever since. Coincidentally I don’t want to drive anymore.

  5. Just discovered this channel and I love it! Every video is so interesting, intelligent and enlightening. Refreshing to have so many different people with well thought out views in the same accessible place.

  6. As a youngster I had discovered that a butter knife could extract screws from a LOT of things. As I got older I could freak my mom out with shorting a screwdriver across capacitors. 🙂

  7. My 91 year old dad gave my son 1) a fire starter flint, 2) a pocket knife, 3) old engine parts to take apart, 3) let my son use a jig saw, and 4) bought him a bb gun and a sling shot. He said these were things he got before he was 10, and he thought my son should have them.

    I would like to add – climb a tree.

    Holy heck, did this guy talk to my dad?

  8. As a kindergarten teacher in a Waldorf school, I gave a pocket knife (with much ritual) as a birthday gift to each child on their 6th birthday.

  9. My couzin actually started learning how to drive when he was about 10 or 12

  10. I would love to hear more on the ritual. i am a mother of two girls – we are serious campers and go out into the wilderness almost every month and holiday. living in south africa helps and we go into far and extremely remote places. both myself and my husband wear leathermans (knives) on our belts everyday of our lives _ Even now in front of my computer i have it one (in the city). it gets used all the time…. i would love to give my girls their own leathermans this year on their birthdays.

  11. And sandpaper the sharp edges, throw out the mercury, arsenic, etc. Possibly wrap the thing in bubble wrap, give the kid some gloves and safety goggles. Back to square one much?

  12. You should research before you reply. High voltage capacitors can store a lethal amount of electricity. While most parents know about the dangers of knives and such because it’s obvious, the dangers of HV capacitors isn’t as common knowledge or someone could just forget. Besides I said TEACH them to handle them safely. Please think before you comment.

  13. You seem to speak in a general sense, I’d like to point out this that this is somewhat ingrained mostly, or even only, in the US society.

  14. I would say, they are travelling like 1 mph… 😉 Or at least I would not try teach my child how to drive in a manner that involves driving with highway speeds at first! 😉

  15. I was test driving my grandfathers motorcycle once in a while (with him on the back seat, of course) But I never ever thought of “borrowing” it!

    Maybe I was a really intelligent kid, but I did fear the consequences – not an accident, obviously, but my parents’ and grandparents’ anger! 😉

  16. pfft… me and my brother used to play with high voltage capacitors all the time and at least I’m still alive… RIP Rob

  17. A Leatherman tool is a great multi-utility knife. You could also explore the variety of Swiss Army knives — I got a Craftsman model as a teen, and I gave another model to my 10 year old nephew (a “fisherman”, hefty and full of bells and whistles) and the only bad thing that ever happened was he got into fights with his father occasionally, because his old man kept “borrowing” it. Better yet, let the kids research all the attachments themselves and choose what they like.

  18. My older brother started carrying around a lighter when he was 8. My little brother is three, he handles knives by himself( their not that sharp) nd he can shoot my bebe gun.

  19. With respect, almost nothing you’ve been told about the ‘hot coffee’ lawsuit case is accurate. It’s all been rhetoric. Watch the film HOT COFFE, it’s amazingly good and interesting to watch. ~Tim

  20. When i was a little girl my grandpa used to put me on his knees and drive the car with my hands on the wheel

  21. Please look closer into what you are saying. McDonald’s kept their coffee at an illegally high temperature so it would stay “fresh” longer. This resulted in severe burns on an elderly lady. We all expect that coffee is hot but would you expect it to immediately burn through layers and layers of your flesh instantly? Look up the injury photos, and you might be surprised. Things aren’t always as simple as they seem.

  22. Thank you, her labia was fused onto her fucking leg, not to mention that McDonalds had been warned many times before this AND she only wanted $20,000 to cover the hospital charges and was willing to take a settlement, McDonalds essentially told her to fuck off. She only got 2 million dollars because the judge wanted to send McDonalds a message to stop doing this.

  23. As much as I agree with throwing a spear, but maybe there shouldn’t be a lawn-darts revival…

  24. I’m skeptical of this “labia fused onto her fucking leg”. Human flesh does not work in this way. If this actually is the case (i’m not going to search for granny labias, too many false results) It’s because she failed to properly treat her injury and it has healed that way. Flesh cannot be melted together, cauterizing doesn’t even work this way.