Would YOU let your teenage daughter have sleepovers with a boyfriend in your home

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25 thoughts on “Would YOU let your teenage daughter have sleepovers with a boyfriend in your home

  1. I feel like that is so disrespectful, lol it already takes enough out of your parents to let your boyfriend/girlfriend over your house. But then to start fucking each other! Personally, I’m 16 and´╗┐ I’m trying to wait until marriage and that’s just me I know that’s not everybody. But for people who are having pre-marital sex go anywhere but your parents house.

  2. im gonna lite that ass up :L lol!!!!

    my mum and dad let me have my girl friend over i was 16 and she was 15 and the rules where that i slept on the sofa and the visitor got my bed so when the lights went out we had sex and then i went back up to my sofa and went to sleep :L

    it should not be aloud

    she was pregnant about 2 – 3 weeks after it lol! emergency pill ! ­čśŤ

    just letting everyone know´╗┐ ­čśŤ


  3. Hell no when I have kids with my Girlfriend (might start next week) I will never let him stay over in mine or let her stay in his.Unless I was friends with his Mom or Dad.If´╗┐ He was friends with my son and I let him stay over I would sit down in the living room and call him down.I would have a 9mm pistol on the table.I would say “I’m trusting you to stay in my house but if I hear one thing I will blow your brains out and hang you from my rooftop.Understood ?”

  4. NO. Never. 19 and I haven’t even seen a cock and I’m not thinking about having sex anytime soon. Teens are thirsty these days. Thirsty for an education is what they should be thirsty for, but instead they be thirstin on a cock. Pregnancy, stds, and all´╗┐ kinds of stuff out there and why would you have sex with someone who you aren’t even in love with or married to.

  5. HELL, I lost my V-card at my old boyfriend’s house.. HOWEVER.. My parents. they NEVER let a guy sleep over until he put some sort of ring on my´╗┐ finger.

  6. I would love to hear the conversation you two would have with´╗┐ your kids about sex. Oh lord!

  7. Ight I’m balls deep, you’re doing a´╗┐ good job. Imma go ahead and light to ass up.

  8. Is it really wrong´╗┐ ? I’m 22, my girl’s 18 and I’m fittna go balls deep in ’em sugar walls and bust all kindz of nuts in her mom’s house. Might end up sleeping there, who knows ?

  9. Culture plays a hug´╗┐ role in these situations. Why is their birth rate 6x lower is it because they use protection or they don’t think like us?

  10. You guys sound like preacher’s sons.´╗┐ Your persuasion techniques are manipulative in an innocently kind way. You sound as if you are going to devour the sweet little thing like sharks among guppies. You know, Predators.

  11. There are many factors involved. One issue, like the crime rate of this country, lead to areas to becoming criminal infested holes, that lead to uneducated and horny kids. Not even Religion, which is actually pretty non-existent in Europe relative to the US, can stop the birth rate, or the death rate for that matter.

    Of course, that’s not the sole reason, but´╗┐ it’s a major one.

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  13. yeah,id agree the moms a dumb ass
    can anyone give a serious answer to why they would want or need to spend a night in the same bed together other then sex?
    but at the same time if they want to they will its unavoidable unless you home school your daughter´╗┐ and deny her the ability to go anywhere without you until shes 18 and has freedom
    i met someone like that online