1. My mom be taking anything wooden I own and breaking that shit on my head. (One time it was a freakin’ guitar)

  2. I’ve seen my grandmom ricochet a pot spoon off a wall and hit my cousin (who was running away from a cut ass) after he run out of the kitchen and tried to run outside. I need to learn how to do that now that I think about it ¬_¬;

  3. Trini mom will pick up ANYTHING and throw it at me. stroller, plate, small animal SHE DONT CARE.

  4. well… i usually dont get in trouble bu if my mama catches me cuttin my hair oohhh.
    i have african hair so it gets seriously knotty . my mama told me if cut my hair she gonna whoop my ass for every lock she finds. when i was 6, i cut part of my hair off because britney spears did t in one of her videos. i was stupid and left the hair in a bag behind the toilet. she found it and busted my ass wit her shoe.