23 thoughts on “Desi Dad…FUNNY Nouman Ali Khan…

  1. LOL brother Nouman Ali Khan has been studying arabic from a young age and is very fluent in speaking and analysing arabic

  2. I don’t know brother what kind of family you grew up in? I have never seen a father in my house and anyone else treating this way. Stop putting junk in people’s head. Our dad’s are not bad like way you are discribing. You look like a abusive kid yourself and may be a formal drug addict. Get some help please and stop giving out this bias info.

  3. Lol this is so true. Every bit of it. And excellent advice by brother nouman. Thats exactly what I would advise parents. May allah reward you brother.

  4. My parents are great when it comes to this. I can pretty much tell them about anything.
    I am very grateful to Allah (SWT) for giving me such wonderful parents.

  5. 1:35 made me literally crack up, because I used to hear that every day. My name is Abdullah, so that makes it funnier. On the other hand, my dad used to be like this. Mashallah, after seeing this video, he changed.

  6. Omg this is hilarious because I am Pakistani and my litter brother named Abdullah gets this all the time!

  7. all southern asian countries have this damn stupid cult especially bangladesh and pakistan i’m a british begi but i don’t even know how 2 sk bengali lol 0o

  8. he blessed with good knwldge of islam with good sense of humour which makes the speech intrseting n appealing..

  9. -me: *look at the driveway” DADS COMING!! *siblings start cleaning the whole house fast fast*

  10. My father is the reason for all of my good, through Allaah’s will. Unfortunately being from Bangladesh and growing up in England adolescence has been tough. My father is my hero, I love him more than anyone in this world [and Allaah knows how much I love my mother]. But I can’t say I respect him, because he has never earned my respect. He has raised me to be good, but not in a loving or respectful way. I thought I had to be like this with my kids, but now I see I don’t have to be. Alhamdulillah