24 thoughts on “Which State Is The Gayest?

  1. Nothing is forever.
    Mississippi itself might change.
    It could be enforced federally at some point.
    Or something else entirely.
    Who knows.
    At some point, they will get you.

  2. It is forever. It’s in the constitution. No gay marriage. BTW,I don’t live in Mississippi.

  3. “It’s in the constitution. No gay marriage.”

    Even if that were true, go a look up the word ‘amendment’.

  4. And I’m grossed out by mayo, you don’t see me banning the rights of people who like it, or outright jailing/executing them.

  5. it’s almost like real sex education makes kids informed about std’s and what causes them.

  6. some people marry out of social pressure, even if they don’t want to.