“When My Daughter Was Into Painting” – FUNNY – Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan

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25 thoughts on ““When My Daughter Was Into Painting” – FUNNY – Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan

  1. I have a 9-month old son, and this video actually gives me realization about parenthood. I’m so glad I found this video so I could prep myself to be a better mother 🙂 Thank you for reminding and inspiring us.

  2. Although I really liked this lecture, it’s just this point I disagree with. I believe parents shouldn’t be their kids’ best friends, but they should be… their parents. And by that I mean, the ones who raise them, teach them life’s lessons. And that means being tough on them when needed. Friends experience life together, but its the job of a parent to stand above the experience and guide his kids.

  3. That what he’s talking very nicely about, that can and should be done and understood from everybody EVEN without any religion. Think about that, when you see the questioning brandmark “why islam” in the background. The answer is: For what ever, but not nessecarily for this. Instead we should maintain our independent humanity, our free mind, and listening to our own heart. Thats all. Our inbuild wisdom is waiting for that.

  4. @RIPBergkamp @RIPBergkamp that’s exactly what he said. Parenting teenagers, especially, is to be their old wise guiding friend. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Parents would be the coolness of their children’s eyes. The problem is most parents are too self-righteous to admit that they also play a part in such a teenage wreck… So sad… I pray for all parents in the world so they will have their heart opened

  5. I have four sisters and four brothers. My mom only gave birth to five of us. The rest are step siblings. Long story. My family are Americans and Christian.

  6. allah akbar Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan’s Daughter’s name is husna allah akbar and my name is husna alhamdulillah

  7. This guy is so amazing mashaAllah.. He knows exactly what’s happening in this world, and more importantly he’s addressing it all! He isn’t just sitting quite observing things, he’s trying to get it fixed , MashaAllahhh.. May Allah shower his endless blessings upon him and his entire family!

  8. My parents are my best friends and cannot keep a single seceret to them its my mission to them my seceret i love my parents verrrryyyyyy much this lecture really gave me an eye opener

  9. actually got emotional. ah man. Brother Nouman, you did it again. He just speaks to the heart. Everyone needs to watch his videos. Family, friends, everyone.

  10. he was hanging out with atheists, so he knows how youth functions today

  11. its called blessing, with his kind of parenting they will grown up to good and respected people…with constant wars where victims are Muslims we need as much kids as Allah bless us with

  12. I am going to have to disagree. Plus maybe we can find a better way to spread Islam other than breeding lol

  13. Masha Allah. If I ever become a mother, I hope to look to this as an example of how I raise my children. Ameen.

  14. who said having kids is bad. and let him have as many kids as he wants no one is asking for your comment keep it to you.you dont want to have many kids dont have simple.its his personal life let it be his.