24 thoughts on “Google Chrome: Dear Sophie

  1. will they make the account inactive if you don’t log into it for years?

  2. I shed tears :'( Beautiful and moving and makes you remember that internet isn’t just about people arguing on forums.

  3. Wait, Google sais it’s illegal to create an account under 13! Such person would be immediately banned and had all email and stuff deleted after a month. Dear Google, that’s not a right thing to do – and guys, I don’t usually ask for it, would you mind thumbing this up, so that people see?

  4. In case you didn’t realize, Sophie Lee isn’t using the e-mail account. Her Dad is…. and he’s well over 13. 😉 

  5. The most touching commercial out there, shows the true relationship a good daddy has with his little girl.

  6. i would love to do something like this i just had a son on 7-25-13 and i started to make a google account and google would not let me make the account with his birth date and i was wondering what the person in the video actually did!? or how in the world he got around it. i dont really want to make a age thats wrong because when he gets older i actually want to hand over the account and i know cant just change you birth date anytime you want!

  7. He probably put in a fake birthday. It’s not as if it’s her account, just a sort of dropbox for the two of them. Maybe average out your ages?