“CONVOS” Season 1 Bloopers/Gag Reel

AKA “3 Minutes of Matt Laughing” Thanks everyone for such an amazing first season! Here’s some of the things that cracked us up. Stay tuned for Season 2, sta…

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25 thoughts on ““CONVOS” Season 1 Bloopers/Gag Reel

  1. LOVE love love you guys. You’re a big hit at the office where I work and provide much needed and much appreciated breaks throughout the day.

  2. In the middle of this video I couldn’t figure out why my gums were hurting. Then I realized it was because I hadn’t smiled this wide since I got my wisdom teeth removed a month ago and my mouth wasn’t used to the stretching. 🙂 God bless you all.

  3. CONTINUUM! Oh wow you’re “daughter” was on Continuum tonight! I couldn’t take any of his lines seriously because I kept waiting for him to tell Kiera, “Because I’m naked, I’m the boss.” Congrats! Joking aside I enjoyed the appearance, and enjoy this Convos series too.

  4. So it’s not just me that thinks the guy that plays the 2-year-old is in Continuum right now. Clean shavin’

  5. how did you even ask him to film these episodes with you? like..what man would do this…he’s the best man for the job though!!

  6. You guys are hilarious! I mentioned your videos to my daughter and she saw all of them in one sitting. Keep them coming.

  7. I’ve never realized how awkward it must be to act these out. 😀 But, looking at the bloopers, I have to watch all them over again, so I can remember. 😀

  8. I would like to see a full-on-irrational-two-year-old-tantrum played out by David. Please do that.

  9. I have not laughed so much for such a long time, you guys are just incredible well done! and thanks. xxx