23 thoughts on “How to Teach Children to Read When Homeschooling : Alphabet Sound Charts & Homeschooling Children

  1. My kids love “the phonic dance studio” 3 mins a day and they all knew their phonics and learned 26 new dance steps.

  2. when can i start teachin my baby ? she is 16 month now . plz tell !!

  3. Remember music is the best way to teach kids the phonemes, in addition, a blending technique is necessary to teach kids to read. Try Sing, Spell, Read & Write for an easy way to teach kids to read. 

  4. As mentioned in an earlier post, incorporating music into lessons can be very beneficial. Have fun with it and your learner will probably enjoy as well. Interesting stuff!

  5. That is awesome I was just watching it to see how to get my nephew into learning the letters and there sounds , and then he came along and started repeating the letter and sound back to the video 🙂 Thank you!

  6. Aww I am stitting here wondering how to teach kids how to read and I remember that from Kindergarden! We all used to sit on carpet sqares! Every one listen to this guy! I had a 9th grade reading level in the third grade becuse of this method. I also deveoloped contexect clues and fully understood Poe, Dickens, Shakspere, and Frost in second and third grade!

  7. I think is will be really helpful to me when I teaching younger sister !! Thanks

  8. I looked this up for my class in Early Learning: Language Acquisition and Literacy Development. I’m getting my Associate of Arts in Early Learning and Development.