25 thoughts on “Million Dollar Ideas

  1. In year 10 we had this thing where you took home this doll for a weekend and it basically acted like a baby so you had to feed it, change its nappy, rock it to ‘sleep’ etc. And it cried like that. Urgh. Least sleep filled weekend of my life.

  2. But what about your phone baby crying in the middle of class? I remember when tamagotchis got banned at my school because my classmates were playing with them in the middle of class.

  3. I feel the need to point out that the average kinkajou is between 16 and 24 inches long, not including the tail, which is generally as long as the body. So they are small relative to adult humans, but significantly bigger than the vast majority of house cats or, say, a human infant. My intention in pointing this out is not to be obnoxious, but rather to question the use of the word “small” in describing a kinkajou. I have strong feelings about obscure mammals.

  4. Totally Love this idea!!! I had the baby class, and I passed with an A- despite the death threats of throwing it out the window of a moving car and seconds before it was scheduled to shut down my little cousins snuck into the room and dropped it on it’s shoulder. Hence the A-

  5. Will 13-14 years later the phone baby start acting up, refusing to interact with you and hijack your phone for its own uses? Because I feel that would give the app another dimension of realism x

  6. Can you imagine trying to describe that scenario to your kid? Like “Sorry, dude, it was either you or AIDS and AIDS is forever while you can just, sorta, gtfo after a while.” Haha poor kid!