Strider Balance Bike – Orange

Sure to be a big hit for your child the Strider Balance Bike – Orange is specially designed for kids aged 1 to 5. Not only is this U.S.-patented bike lightweight and easy to control it features an adjustable seat (saddle height adjusts from 11 inches to 16 inches from ground) and handlebars to fit growing children 30 to 44 inches in height. It’s steady stable and safe and teaches your child balance and coordination helping develop their confidence.At the first feeling of instability your child will instinctively place his feet securely on the ground eliminating ‘tricycle tip-overs’ or ‘training-wheel wobbles’ that might stir-upafear or dislike of bike riding. Approved for a rider weight limit of 50 lbs. the Strider is tested and certified to be compliant with the strict new federal regulations of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act so you can be sure of your child’s safety. Plus this bike is super light weighing less than 7 lbs. (about half the weight of a tricycle or typical 12-inch pedal bike with training wheels) ensuring easy maneuverability. Featuring durable welded steel frame fork and handlebars along with puncture-proof all-terrain EVA polymer tires and molded wheels with sealed bearings and 8mm steel axles the Strider is built for years of enjoyment and can be handed down from one child to another.About Strider SportsA love of bicycling and motorcycling is what binds Strider Sports’ core management together. In addition Strider boasts over 20 years of experience in business law and patents successful development and sale of other cycle industry products 20+ years in the bicycle and motorcycle industry and well over 50 years of general business management experience.The people behind the Strider balance bike combined these varied experiences and abilities to create this incredible educational vehicle designed to eliminate fear of riding and provide a tremendous amount of pure fun for children.

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