Baby Talk Actually Makes Sense

Baby talk seems like it’s gibberish, but it’s actually far more advanced than we thought. Trace looks at what all that noise might really mean. Read More: Fr…

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25 thoughts on “Baby Talk Actually Makes Sense

  1. What if you were a hermaphrodite and your baby wanted another sibling? Then it’d made sense.

  2. Ha! Doctor claimed to speak baby talk a few episodes back and I wasn’t sure about it but now it’s proven!?

  3. Wait they can understand each other that means the can conspire against us oh shite

  4. Speaking of language I think it would be cool to make a video on how babies learn their own language but adults can’t learn a language as easily as babies can. Like if I went and just lived in china for 3 years I might pick up on some things but a baby could learn the language in a much shorter time than I could