24 thoughts on “Ghosts & the Zombie Apocalypse

  1. Her mom has weird dreams and I’ve never seen a ghost but I have had experiences with the paranormal

  2. fools don’t go to Walmart those are usually in a urban place. go up north to northern Canada find a house get some weapons and have a steady food supplies.

  3. I am sure regular big rob would be like “yeah girl I’ll protect ya, we gotta repopulate the world somehow right?”

  4. Incubus are ghost you can have sex with they are male and feed off of the pleasure and fear of women

  5. Don’t screw around with cats.. That’s the life lesson in this video.

  6. incubus is the male version of succubus/pus a demon who seduces and sleeps with humans or something like that ._.

  7. What should i do about my mom? She’s super negative and she is hesitant to kick out her boyfriend out ~~~she hates him just as evrybody else does
    And her negativity sometimes jus gets to me
    Evr since i was 5 its been this way and her boyfriend jus made it worse in the past 2 yrs

  8. 18:00 im 15 and truthfully i dont care about what other people think of me. is this bad?

  9. Wat do I do a bout my girlfriend which just keeps citing & out of the relationship

  10. Only reason I knew it was Paris Hilton is because it was in Shane Dawson’s celebrity tweets