25 thoughts on “Paternity Leave Ends! And I Find Myself…

  1. But, in fact, holes are not a side effect of Germans. Holes are a side effect of digging.

  2. When I was 4, I asked my dad: “Dad, what’s inside air?”. I apparently understood that nothing could be nothing, so there had to be something inside air. How do you explain that the air is made up of gasses such as oxygen and hydrogen to a 4 year old?

  3. Well with Henry being a communist it’s no wonder he sees the value in digging holes for no reason.

  4. Also ich finde das Löcher graben Spaß macht, auch wenn man sie ehrlich gesagt wieder zuschaufeln sollte sobald man den Strand verlässt.^_^

  5. But these roads as you call them aren’t exactly fit for a smooth ride or did I only travel on the bad roads and am I missing out on some good motorways?

  6. Erh, no comment. ;p
    Well, the state of the roads in the “Flemish Triangle” (Ghent-Antwerp-Brussels) isn’t all that great, thanks to large volumes of trucks that prefer to travel through Belgium because of the lack of road tax/toll. (Also, Belgium’s location makes it a prime transit country) Once you get outside that area the road surface does become a bit smoother. It’s still nothing compared to a nice stretch of Autobahn though.

  7. the fault in this story: never actually explained why those holes were dug?

  8. Where on lake Michigan were you??? I live just south of Milwaukee right on the lake! 🙂

  9. Good to have you back, John. Happy fatherliness! Your story made me tear up I laughed so hard. Henry is so darn sweet :3

  10. John, I do believe you need to see the Scandinavia and the World comic on this. Finally I can connect with Scandinavia and the World.

  11. I thought he was gonna say before I was at this airport I was snorting heroine……

  12. I love stories about other people’s children! …Is that creepy? I don’t want to be creepy.

  13. I hope I run into you in the Indy airport someday. Side note, why is it that the only gates they use always seem to be the ones at the very end? I think they just want to make full use of the moving walkways.

  14. are they looking for something? is it some sort of German Dutch water filtration program? whyyyy?