25 thoughts on “Breast-feeding your child beyond infancy.

  1. wear clothes *that* show breast cleavage. wish there was an edit option.

  2. Her kid is going to HATE her later when he sees this video! Sorry, when I heard her say “Im not ready for him to stop breast feeding” and “Hes showing signs of wanting to stop”, that should be a sign that this is more about her than it is for her kids.

  3. I understand her point in this argument, but I think its a bad policy in single family homes were there is no Father present. Most kids I meet today who have “attachment” moms in a single parent home are social misfits.

  4. It looks to me like that child on the cover of Time Magazine is going to starve to death.
    My cereal bowl is bigger than that.

  5. If you can talk to the kid about breast feeding HE IS TO FUCKING OLD!!!!

  6. This is part of why people have given up on CNN: the cluelessness of the woman interviewing Dr. Bialik, clearly uncomfortable with a mother’s normality and also clearly unable to understand and separate the nurturing and sexual functions, even when it is repeatedly explained in scientifically accurate and precise English. It all went right over her head, almost as if you could hear the “whoosh” through the microphone.

  7. When you start breast feeding your children, you will be entitled to an opinion, but not until. To paraphrase someone much, much wiser than you, take the Two-by-Four out of your own eye before you complain about the splinter in someone else’s.

  8. I don’t think she would disagree with you in principle, but if I interpret what she’s saying correctly, that’s a personal choice she has made for herself and her children.

    Personally, I agree with you about the principle, but because of that principle I also don’t think it’s any of my business what choice someone else makes for herself and her children, that it’s up to each individual woman and her child or children.

  9. I agree with you about being wanting to be able to edit one’s own posts for mistakes.

  10. Oh sure right I am gonna pay as much attention to your titty privilages as I would your imaginary friends. LOL

  11. Mayim Bialik is such an educated and intelligent woman, and yet seems very humble in her approach. I am truly impressed and happy to see her doing so well! And I can also hear the “swoosh” over the interviewers head as Mayim speaks.. I agree with everything Mayim says, to communicate with and listen to your child and give them your affection and bond can never be wrong, it is biologic and it’s how you build their self worth and self-esteem.

  12. Worst journalist ever. So cringeworthy to see when the guests are so much more intelligent than the interviewers who just want a sensationalist story and ask the stupidest questions.

  13. She is absolutely correct. Every other species on the planet self-weens. Primates self ween as toddlers. Humans self ween from age 3-4. She is amazing as a person: neuroscientist, PhD, actress, and mother. This was a stellar and phenomenal interview.

  14. I like her, but this is all very subjective of her and I firmly believe that this is the kind of thing that makes people grow apart because it isn’t normal for her to be doing this.

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