25 thoughts on “Convos With My 2-Year-Old – EPISODE 7 ‘The Pants – Part II’

  1. I just watched this another 4 times and that slap on the hand is what gets me every time.

  2. Oh my god my little sister would do this all the time when she was little. I would have to physically sit on her to get her to put on her pants.

  3. You’re wife is gorgeous, and your daughter is adorable. You’ve done pretty well my friend :3

  4. I used to have this fight with my brother all the time, but it was about shirts instead of pants.

  5. Do any other girls feel oddly attracted to both of these guys? Haha

  6. Yall are hilarious. like, really!? you just HAD to put “because you wish bish abonya fish” in this haha