Christmas Family Traditions – Christmas Tree Toppers

For a lot of  families, trimming the tree becomes a family tradition. Some ornaments may have special value, such as a gift from a special person, an heirloom handed down for generations, a hand made ornament from your child’s kindergarten class. The tree topper can also hold the significant place as the last ornament to top the tree.

In our family it was an angel that my grandmother had on her tree until it was finally too old to bear the coveted spot, so we had to find a replacement. We chose the angel because we liked the thought of a guardian angel watching over us at Christmas time. For many other families, they choose a star, representing the Star of Bethlehem that guided the three Kings and shepherds to the place that Jesus was born.

Now the selection of Christmas tree toppers is endless. Your child can create their own tree topper by rolling a piece of paper into a cone and then cutting out an angel or star, color it with crayons, apply a light cover of glue or spray adhesive and then sprinkle gold or silver glitter on it to make it really sparkle, then glue the angel or star to the cone  and place their treasured work of art to the top of the tree for all the world to see.

Other families prefer to have their decorations to match their home decor and their are lots of possibilities of the tree toppers to choose from that match the theme decor of the Christmas tree. These can range from the light up crystal stars to an Elvis tree topper star.

There are also glass ornaments that can top the tree, each one glistens and makes their tree truly special and unique. You can choose from snowflakes, to Star Trek, to your child’s favorite character.  The placement of the tree topper can become your family tradition and is a significant and memorable event for your kid’s and family.

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