How to Stop a Crying Baby : Pain Relievers for Crying Babies & Teething

Quiet your crying infant; learn how to use teething pain relievers like Orajel and acetaminophen to soothe a crying baby in this child care video with parenting tips. Expert: Alisha Folkman Bio: Alisha Folkman is a mother of two young children and routinely provides advice and support to many new mothers. Filmmaker: Dixon Gillette

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15 thoughts on “How to Stop a Crying Baby : Pain Relievers for Crying Babies & Teething

  1. Oh I’m SO glad I found these videos. I’m almost in my third trimester and won’t need this for awhile but still it’s good to know. It’s also a relief to know that if I’m up in the middle of the night sometime or other I have this as a resource. 🙂

  2. cute baby! however find alternative natural remedies before trying drugs or tylenol with babies.

  3. remember all babbies need tummy time witch is putting the babbie on there stomaches for 5 to 10 mineuts

  4. Other one member also teaching how to care baby, and I gave her comment not good, not only me said not good, many members say the same.And someone point to me said I only bad comment. And here I want to say this lady is good to take care the baby. People must learn from her. Or people have also a good way to care baby.

  5. now give him some pain killers with strawberry flavour
    and some morphine
    and some antibiotics to keep him healthy

  6. Everyone is always suggesting tummy time, and my baby hates it, she’s 6 months, sitting up and everything and can hold her head up when on her tummy and she rarely has tummy time. I don’t think it is necessary.